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                            DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 
                           Foreign-Trade Zones Board 
                               [Docket No. 15-80] 
                                  45 FR 65269 
                                October 2, 1980 
Foreign-Trade Subzone No. 44A, Woodbridge, N.J.; Application To Extend 
Operational Period 
TEXT: Notice is hereby given that the Department of Labor and Industry of 
the State of New Jersey, Grantee of Foreign-Trade Zone No. 44 and Subzone 
No. 44A, has requested authority from the Foreign-Trade Zones Board to 
extend for two years the operational period for Foreign-Trade Subzone No. 
44A, located in the Township of Woodbridge, Middlesex County, New Jersey, 
which was authorized as a temporary site for two years on October 19, 1978, 
and was activated on February 11, 1980. The temporary subzone is located at 
the Ronson Corporation plant in Woodbridge where zone procedures are used 
in connection with the testing, cleaning, and repackaging of imported 
lighters and parts for domestic and foreign sales. Plans call for the 
relocation of the subzone to general-purpose zone No. 44 in Morris County, 
New Jersey, as soon as that facility is ready for occupancy. The extension 
at the present site is requested because of a delay in the activation of 
the Morris County site. 
   Interested parties wishing to comment on this request should submit 
their comments to the Executive Secretary, Foreign-Trade Zones Board, Room 
2006, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C. 20230. Submissions 
should be postmarked no later than October 8, 1980. 

   Dated: September 29, 1980. 
John J. Da Ponte, Jr., 

   Executive Secretary, Foreign-Trade Zones Board.   
[FR Doc. 80-30670 Filed 10-1-80; 8:45 am]