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                             DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 
                           Foreign-Trade Zones Board 
                               [Docket No. 14-80] 
                                  45 FR 63540 
                               September 25, 1980 

Proposed Foreign-Trade Zone -- El Paso, Tex.; Application and Public Hearing

TEXT: Notice is hereby given that an application has been submitted to the 
Foreign-Trade Zones Board (the Board) by El Paso Trade Zone, Inc., a Texas 
non-profit corporation and an affiliate of the El Paso International Airport 
Board, requesting authority to establish a general-purpose foreign-trade 
zone in El Paso, Texas, within the El Paso Customs port of entry. The 
application was submitted pursuant to the provisions of the Foreign-Trade 
Zones Act of 1934, as amended (19 USC 81a-81u), and the regulations of the 
Board (15 CFR Part 400). It was formerly filed on September 17, 1980. The 
applicant is authorized to make this proposal under Chapter 183, Acts 1977, 
65th Texas Leg., May 20, 1977 (Article 1446.9, Vernon's Annotated Civil 

   The applicant proposes to establish a 60-acre foreign-trade zone near 
the El Paso International Airport. The zone is located within the 530-acre 
Butterfield Industrial Park, an expansion of the Airport Board's growing 
industrial and trade complex. Part of the El Paso economic development 
plan, the zone is related to the city's efforts concerning the expanding 
bonded manufacturing activity in Northeastern Mexico. The zone will 
provide a base for U.S. firms doing business in Mexico. Initially, a 
75,000 square foot warehouse and a 15,000 square foot office will be 
constructed on the site. Additional facilities will be developed as 
needed. The zone site is owned by the Airport Board, and will be operated 
by the applicant. 

   The application contains evidence concerning the need for zone services 
in the El Paso area. Prospective tenants have indicated an interest in 
using the zone for storage, packing, distribution, assembly and light 
manufacture of electronic products, appliances, garments and footwear. 

   In accordance with the Board's regulations, an examiners committee has 
been appointed to investigate the application and report to the Board. The 
committee consists of Paul R. Nichols (Chairman), Program Manager, Import 
Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, Room 2124, Washington, D.C. 
20230; Manny Najera, District Director, U.S. Customs Service, P.O. 
Box 9516, El Paso, Texas; and Colonel Bernard J. Roth, District Engineer, 
U.S. Army Engineer District Albuquerque, P.O. Box 1580, Albuquerque, 
New Mexico 87104.  

   As part of its investigation, the Examiners Committee will hold a 
public hearing on October 29, 1980, beginning at 9:00 a.m., in the Plaza 
Room, 7 Civic Center Plaza, El Paso. The purpose of the hearing is to help 
inform interested persons about the proposal, to provide an opportunity 
for their expression of views, and to obtain information useful to the 
   Interested parties are invited to present their views at the hearing. 
They should notify the Board's Executive Secretary of their desire to be 
heard in writing at the address below or by phone (202/377-2862) by 
October 22, 1980. Instead of an oral presentation, written statements may 
be submitted in accordance with the Board's regulations to the examiners 
committee, care of the Executive Secretary at any time from the date of 
this notice through November 28, 1980. Evidence submitted during the 
post-hearing period is not desired unless it is clearly shown that the 
matter is new and material and that there are good reasons why it could 
not be presented at the hearing. A copy of the application and 
accompanying exhibits will be available during this time for public 
inspection at each of the following locations: 

U.S. Customs District Office, 
Bridge of America, Building B, Room 134, 
P.O. Box 9516, 
El Paso, Texas 79985. 
Office of the Executive Secretary, 
Foreign-Trade Zones Board, 
U.S. Department of Commerce, Room 2006, 
14th and E Streets NW., 
Washington, D.C. 20230.  

   Dated: September 18, 1980. 

John J. Da Ponte, Jr., 
   Executive Secretary. 
[FR Doc. 80-29703 Filed 9-24-80; 8:45 am]