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                             DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 
                           Foreign-Trade Zones Board 
                                 [Docket 29-89] 
                                  54 FR 48793 
                               November 27, 1989 
   Foreign-Trade Zone 27 -- Boston, MA; Application for Subzone Sites, 
Polaroid Corporation, Massachusetts 
TEXT: An application has been submitted to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board 
(the Board) by the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), grantee of FTZ
15, requesting special-purpose subzone status for seven Polaroid Corporation
production facilities in Massachusetts. The application was submitted 
pursuant to the provisions of the Foreign-Trade Zones Act, as amended 
(19 U.S.C. 81a-81u), and the regulations of the Board (15 CFR part 400). 
It was formally filed on November 8, 1989. 
   Polaroid Corporation is an international producer and distributor of 
instant photographic cameras, film, photographic supplies and electronic 
imaging/recording devices. It has plants in the United States, Netherlands, 
United Kingdom, and Mexico, and has annual sales of some $1.8 billion.  
   The proposed sites include most of the company's production, packaging, 
warehouse/distribution, and research facilities (12,000 employees) in the 
Boston and New Bedford areas: (1) Norwood Plant (224 acres), 1 Upland Road, 
Norwood; (2) Needham Plant (36 acres), Needham Industrial Park, Needham; 
(3) New Bedford Plant (126 acres), 100 Duchaine Blvd., New Bedford; (4) 
Waltham Plant (212 acres -- 3 sites), 868 Winter Street., 1265 Main St., 
and 103 Fourth St., Waltham; (5) Freetown Plant (171 acres), 238 Main St., 
Assonet; (6) Boston Plant (.5 acres), 716 Columbus Ave., Boston; and (7) 
Cambridge Plant (Corporate headquarters (22 acres), Main & Osborne Sts., 
   The Polaroid facilities are primarily engaged in the production and 
distribution of cameras and related equipment, film, photographic 
chemicals, and information recording devices. Foreign materials account 
for some 50 percent of the value of the finished products. For cameras, 
foreign materials include camera bodies, circuit boards, capacitors, 
motors, lens and miscellaneous camera parts. For film, the foreign 
materials involve a variety of chemicals including PSD 15 dye, 
hexadecylsalfanimido indole, acetates, toluenes, and alcohol and benzene 
compounds. For the electronic recording devices, the foreign components 
include capacitors, resistors and transformers. 
   Zone procedures would exempt Poloraoid from Customs duty payment of the 
foreign materials used in its exports. On its domestic sales, it would be 
able to choose the duty rates that apply to finished products (cameras -- 
3.0%; film -- 3.9%; electronic imaging equipment -- 4.2%). The duty rates 
on the foreign camera materials range from 2.8 to 10.0 percent, the rates 
on the foreign chemicals used in film production range from 3.8 to 20 
percent, and the rates on the foreign components used in electronic device 
production range from 6.0 to 10.0 percent. The application indicates that 
the savings from zone procedures will help improve the international 
competitiveness of the company's U.S. plants. 
   In accordance with the Board's regulations, an examiners committee has 
been appointed to investigate the application and report to the Board. The 
committee consists of Dennis Puccinelli (Chairman), Foreign-Trade Zones 
Staff, U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230; Edward A. Goggin, 
Assistant Regional Commissioner, U.S. Customs Service, Northeast Region, 
10 Causeway Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02222-1056; and, Colonel Daniel 
M. Wilson, Division Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer Division New England, 
424 Trapelo Road, Waltham, Massachusetts 02254-9149. 
   Comments concerning the proposed foreign-trade subzone are invited in 
writing from interested parties. The shall be addressed to the Board's 
Executive Secretary at the address below and postmarked on or before 
January 7, 1990.  
   A copy of the application and accompanying exhibits will be available 
for public inspection at each of the following locations: 
U.S. Department of Commerce, District Office, 
World Trade Center, Suite 307, 
Commonwealth Pier Area, 
Boston, Massachusetts 02210. 
Office of the Executive Secretary, 
Foreign-Trade Zones Board, 
U.S. Department of Commerce, Room 2835, 
14th & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., 
Washington, DC 20230.  
   Dated: November 17, 1989. 
John J. Da Ponte, Jr., 
   Executive Secretary.  
[FR Doc. 89-27637 Filed 11-24-89; 8:45 am]