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                           DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE

    			Foreign-Trade Zones Board

       (Docket No. 64-91 and Foreign-Trade Zone 177--Evansville, IN)

 Proposed Subzone Meade Johnson & Company, Pharmaceutical Plant Evansville
                  Mt. Vernon, IN; Amendment to Application

                           Tuesday, July 28, 1992

Notice is hereby given that the application submitted by the Indiana Port
Commission, grantee of FTZ 177, requesting special-purpose subzone status
for the pharmaceutical and nutritional products manufacturing facilities of
Meade Johnson & Company (MJC) located in Evansville and Mt. Vernon, Indiana
(56 FR 56186, 11/1/91) has been amended to include two additional sites in
Evansville, Indiana. The original application requested subzone status for
the company's main plant (Site 1) in Evansville and a production/warehouse
complex (Site 2) in Mt. Vernon. This amendment adds two other related MJC
facilities to the subzone application: (Site 3)--the Mead Johnson Post
Office Annex Warehouse (1.2 acres, 39,000 sq. ft.), leased and operated by
MJC, 1901 West Illinois St., Evansville; and, (Site 4)--a warehouse
facility (8.2 acres, 270,000 sq. ft.), leased and operated by Warehousing,
Inc., to handle MJC products, 301 North Kentucky Ave., Evansville. MJC will
be the zone operator of both additional sites. The application remains
otherwise unchanged.

The comment period is reopened until September 11, 1992.
Dated: July 21, 1992.

John J. Da Ponte, Jr.,

Executive Secretary.

(FR Doc. 92-17696 Filed 7-27-92; 8:45 am)