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[Federal Register: October 3, 1995 (Volume 60, Number 191)]
[Page 51775]
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[Docket A(32b1)-18-95]

Foreign-Trade Zone 172--Oneida County, NY Request for
Manufacturing Authority for Low Complexity Manufacturing Group, Inc.
(Copier, Laser Printer Components)

    An application has been submitted to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board
(the Board) by the County of Oneida, New York, grantee of FTZ 172,
pursuant to Sec. 400.32(b)(1) of the Board's regulations (15 CFR Part
400), requesting authority on behalf of Low Complexity Manufacturing
Group, Inc. (wholly-owned subsidiary of Xerox Corporation) (LCMG), to
manufacture certain copier and laser printer components under zone
procedures within FTZ 172. It was formally filed on September 20, 1995.
    The FTZ Board approved subzone status for the Xerox Corporation in
Webster, New York, in 1983 (Subzone 23A, Board Order 220, 48 FR 35479,
8/4/83; grant transferred to FTZ 141 as Subzone 141B on 12/27/90, Board
Order 498, 56 FR 675, 1/8/91). In 1988, Xerox was authorized to
manufacture laser printers in the subzone (Doc. 13-88, 7/29/88). In
1993, Xerox started up production (similar to existing production
activities at the Xerox Webster Subzone 141B) of certain copier and
laser printer components to LCMG, which operates a facility within FTZ
172. This activity had been conducted under zone procedures within FTZ
SZ 141B, and authority is now being sought to use zone procedures for
this activity at FTZ 172.
    The LCMG facility in FTZ 172 is currently used for the manufacture
and remanufacture of copier and laser printer cartridge replacement
units and related components. Certain materials would be sourced from
abroad, including: trim blade assembly, corotron wire assembly,
magnetic roller, charge scorotron assembly, screws, washers, springs,
gears, photoreceptors, filters, packaging, bearings, and toner (duty
rates: 0-8.1%). The finished subassemblies include printer cartridges
with and without toner fill, mag roll assemblies, and copy machine
subassemblies with photoreceptor.
    Zone procedures would exempt LCMG from Customs duty payments on the
foreign materials used in export manufacture. On domestic shipments,
LCMG would be allowed to choose the duty rates that apply to finished
cartridges and assemblies (0-3.5%) instead of the rates that would
otherwise apply to the foreign materials (0-8.1%). The application
indicates that zone procedures for this activity would contribute to
the company's overall international competitiveness.
    Public comments on the application is invited from interested
parties. Submissions (original and three copies) shall be addressed to
the Board's Executive Secretary at the address below. The closing
period of their receipt is November 2, 1995. Rebuttal comments in
response to material submitted during the foregoing period may be
submitted during the subsequent 15-day period to November 17, 1995.
    A copy of the application and the accompanying exhibits will be
available for public inspection at the following location: Office of
the Executive Secretary, Foreign-Trade Zones Board, Room 3716, U.S.
Department of Commerce, 14th & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

    Dated: September 26, 1995.
John J. Da Ponte, Jr.,
Executive Secretary.
[FR Doc. 95-24597 Filed 10-2-95; 8:45 am]