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Foreign-Trade Zones Board
[Docket A(27f)-18-96]

Foreign-Trade Zone 160--Anchorage, AK; Request for Boundary

    The Municipality of Anchorage, grantee of FTZ 160, has made a
request to the Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) Board for a minor modification
of the boundary of FTZ 160 pursuant to Section 400.27(f) of the FTZ
Board regulations (15 CFR Part 400). The grantee is requesting
authority to include within the zone project a jet fuel storage
facility on a 9-acre parcel located at 1601 Tidewater Road, within the
Port of Anchorage, area. In exchange, zone status would be relinquished
on a parcel (16 acres) located at 459 Bluff Drive, Anchorage, which
also contains fuel storage facilities. The purpose of the change is to
allow Chevron U.S.A. Products Company, and possibly Texaco, Inc., to
store on a duty/tax free basis, foreign jet fuel and foreign status (19
CFR 146.41 and 146.42) jet fuel (produced at domestic refineries with
subzone status) that would be used on international flights. No
authority is requested for manufacturing or processing activity.

    Public comment on the request is invited from interested parties.
Submissions shall be addressed to the Board's Executive Secretary at
the address below. The closing period for their receipt is July 8,

    A copy of the request will be available for public inspection at
the following location: Office of the Executive Secretary, Foreign-
Trade Zones Board, U.S. Department of Commerce, Room 3716, 14th &
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20230.

    Dated: June 5, 1996.
John J. Da Ponte, Jr.,
Executive Secretary.
[FR Doc. 96-14739 Filed 6-10-96; 8:45 am]