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Foreign-Trade Zones Board
[Order No. 919]

Approval of Manufacturing Activity within Foreign-Trade Zone 62 
Brownsville, TX, Amfels, Inc. (Offshore Drilling Platforms/

    Pursuant to its authority under the Foreign-Trade Zones Act of 
June 18, 1934, as amended (19 U.S.C. 81a-81u)(the Act), the Foreign-
Trade Zones Board (the Board) adopts the following Order:

    Whereas, the Brownsville Navigation District, grantee of FTZ 62, 
has requested authority under Sec. 400.32(b)(1) of the Board's 
regulations on behalf of AMFELS, Inc., to manufacture mobile offshore 
drilling platforms under zone procedures within FTZ 62, Brownsville, 
Texas (filed 2-25-97, FTZ Docket A(32b1)-1-97; Doc. 67-97, assigned 8-
    Whereas, pursuant to Sec. 400.32(b)(1), the Commerce Department's 
Assistant Secretary for Import Administration has the authority to act 
for the Board in making such decisions on new manufacturing/processing 
activity under certain circumstances, including situations where the 
proposed activity is the same, in terms of products involved, to 
activity recently approved by the Board (Sec. 400.32(b)(1)(i)); and,
    Whereas, the FTZ Staff has reviewed the proposal, taking into 
account the criteria of Sec. 400.31, and the Executive Secretary has 
recommended approval;
    Now, therefore, the Assistant Secretary for Import Administration, 
acting for the Board pursuant to Sec. 400.32(b)(1), concurs in the 
recommendation and hereby approves the request subject to the Act and 
the Board's regulations, including Sec. 400.28, and further subject to 
the following conditions: (1) Any foreign steel mill products admitted 
to FTZ 62 for the AMFELS, Inc., activity including plate, angles, 
shapes, channels, rolled steel stock, bars, pipes and tubes, not 
incorporated into merchandise otherwise classified, and which is used 
in manufacturing, shall be subject to Customs duties in accordance with 
applicable law, if the same item is then being produced by a domestic 
steel mill; and, (2) in addition to the annual report, AMFELS, Inc., 
shall advise the Board's Executive Secretary (Sec. 400.28(a)(3)) as to 
significant new contracts with appropriate information concerning 
foreign purchases otherwise dutiable, so that the Board may consider 
whether any foreign dutiable items are being imported for manufacturing 
in the zone primarily because of subzone status and whether the Board 
should consider requiring Customs duties to be paid on such items.

    Signed at Washington, DC, this 5th day of September 1997.
Jeffrey P. Bialos,
Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Import Administration, 
Alternate Chairman, Foreign-Trade Zones Board.
[FR Doc. 97-24468 Filed 9-15-97; 8:45 am]