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This Federal Register database includes notices on FTZ applications and Board Orders. The application notices provide a summary of the zone sites and the scope of activity. The orders will indicate approvals, disapprovals or restrictions. To look up the notices related to a particular zone, check the list of Board Orders by Zone (below), which will provide the Board Order numbers and dates. Using this information, the relevant orders can be found by looking in the appropriate year. The orders normally provide a reference to the application notice and docket number which can then be found in the database (usually in the same or previous year). If you have any questions, please contact the FTZ Staff at 202-482-2862.

FTZ Board Orders by Zone
(201 and Higher)
FTZ Federal Register Notices by Year
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1981 1987 1993
1982 1988 1994
1983 1989 1995
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