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                             DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 
                           Foreign-Trade Zones Board 
                               [Docket No. 7-81] 
                                  46 FR 40242 
                                 August 7, 1981 
Foreign-Trade Zone No. 55, Burlington, Vt.; Application for Special-Purpose 
TEXT: On July 2, 1981, a notice appeared concerning the filing of an 
application for a special-purpose subzone at the Pedigree USA, Inc. plant 
in St. Albans, Vermont (46 FR 34613). 
   A copy of this application is available for public inspection at: 
Office of the Director, U.S. Department of Commerce District Office, 10th 
Floor, 441 Stuart Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02116. 

   Dated: August 4, 1981. 
John J. Da Ponte, Jr., 
Executive Secretary Foreign-Trade Zones Board.  

[FR Doc. 81-23118 Filed 8-6-81; 8:45 am]