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                             DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 
                           Foreign-Trade Zones Board 
                               [Docket No. 30-86] 
                                  51 FR 34478 
                               September 29, 1986 
Proposed Foreign-Trade Zone in Monroe County, NY; Amendment of Application  
TEXT: Notice is hereby given that the County of Monroe, New York, has 
amended its application to establish a general-purpose foreign-trade zone 
in Monroe County, New York (Doc 1-84, 49 FR 1261, 1/10/84). The County is 
authorized to make this proposal under Chapter 574, Laws of New York 1976.
The amended application was formally filed on September 12, 1986. A current
docket number has been assigned to the case, and the old one is closed.  
   The amendment involves a complete revision of the operating plan. Monroe
FTZ Operators, Inc. has been selected to be the new operator of the zone 
project. The original sites are being replaced with the 4 following: Site 
1 is an 18-acre general-purpose warehouse complex at 401-409 Pixley Road, 
Gates, operated by Rochester Storage Warehouse. Site 2 is the ITEK Graphic
Systems warehouse on 6-acres, 330 Clay Road, Henrietta. Sites 3 and 4 
involve two 200,000 square foot warehouses operated by the Norry Company/
Landsman Development Corp., at 3750 Monroe Ave., Pittsford, and at 200 
Carlson Road, Rochester.  
   In accordance with the Board's regulations, an examiner's committee has
been appointed to investigate the amended application and report to the 
Board. The committee consists of John J. Da Ponte, Jr. (Chairman), 
Director, Foreign-Trade Zones Staff, Washington, DC 20230; Edward A. 
Goggin, Assistant Regional Commissioner, U.S. Customs Service, Northeast 
Region, 100 Summer St., Boston, MA; and Colonel Daniel R. Clark, District
Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer District Buffalo, 1776 Niagara St., Buffalo, 
NY 14207. 
   Comments concerning the amended application are invited from interested 
parties. They should be addressed to the Board's Executive Secretary at the
address below and postmarked before October 27, 1986. 
   Copies of the new application as well as the original one are available 
for pubic inspection at each of the following locations: 
U.S. Dept. of Commerce District Office, Rochester Branch, 
121 East Avenue, 
Rochester, NY 14604 
Office of the Executive Secretary, 
Foreign-Trade Zones Board, 
U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Rm. 1529, 
14th and Pennsylvania, NW., 
Washington, DC 20230  
   Dated: September 24, 1986. 
John J. Da Ponte, 
   Executive Secretary.   
[FR Doc. 86-21972 Filed 9-26-86; 8:45 am]