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                             DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 
                           Foreign-Trade Zones Board 
                               [Docket No. 31-87] 
                                  52 FR 46110 
                                December 4, 1987 
Foreign-Trade Zone 72, Indianapolis, IN; Application for Subzone at Subaru-
Isuzu Auto/Truck Plant In Tippecanoe County, IN; Correction 
TEXT: On November 20, 1987, notice was given concerning a proposal for a 
special-purpose subzone for the automobile/light truck manufacturing plant 
of Subaru-Isuzu Automotive, Inc., in Tippecanoe County, Indiana (52 FR 
44620, 11/20/87). 
   In referring to the member of the examiners committee designated from the
U.S. Customs Service, the notice is amended to show a new committee member 
from Customs. The new member is: John F. Nelson, District Director, U.S. 
Customs Service, North Central Region, 6th Floor, Plaza Nine Building, 55 
Erieview Plaza, Cleveland, Ohio 44114. 
   Dated: December 1, 1987. 
Dennis Puccinelli, 
   Acting Executive Secretary.   
[FR Doc. 87-27885 Filed 12-3-87; 8:45 am]