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                             DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 
                           Foreign-Trade Zones Board 
                               [Docket No. 8-88] 
                                   53 FR 4865 
                               February 18, 1988 
Foreign-Trade Zone 84, Houston, TX; Application for Extension of Zone Status
TEXT: An application has been submitted to the Foreign-Trade Zones Board (the
Board) by the Port of Houston Authority (PHA), grantee of FTZ 84, requesting
an extension of zone status for a number of zone sites. The application was
formally filed on February 8, 1988. 
   In July 1983, the Board authorized PHA to establish a multi-site foreign-
trade zone in the Houston area (Board Order 214, 48 FR 34792, August 1, 
1983). The order covered 5 PHA sites, approved without a time restriction, 
and 28 private sites for a 5-year period ending July 15, 1988, subject to 
extension upon review. It was because of the unusual nature of this zone 
plan, which included a requirement that all sites be operated under a 
central inventory control system approved by the U.S. Customs Service, that
the private sites were approved with the time restiction. Amendments which
have been approved in designated sites in the interim were made subject to
the restrictions imposed by the original grant. 
   PHA is now requesting an indefinite extension of zone status for 15 of
the private (non-PHA) sites. In requesting this extension, PHA has retained
the sites it indicates are needed to effectively provide zone services in 
the Houston area. 
   In accordance with the Board's regulations, an examiners committee has
been appointed to investigate the application and report to the Board. The
committee consists of: Joseph E. Lowry (Chairman), Foreign-Trade Zones Staff,
U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230; Don Gough, Deputy 
Assistant Regional Commissioner, U.S. Customs Service, Southwest Region,
5850 San Felipe Street, Houston, Texas 77057-3012; and Colonel John A. 
Tudela, District Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer District Galveston, P.O. Box
1229, Galveston, Texas 77553-1229. 
   Comments concerning the proposed extension are invited in writing from 
interested parties. They should be addressed to the Board's Executive 
Secretary at the address below and postmarked on or before March 31, 1988.
   A copy of the application is available for public inspection at each of
the following locations: 
U.S. Department of Commerce, District Office, 
2625 Federal Courthouse, 
515 Rush Street, Houston, 
Texas 77002. 
Office of the Executive Secretary, 
Foreign-Trade Zones Board, 
U.S. Department of Commerce, Room 1529, 
14th and Pennsylvania Avenue NW., 
Washington, DC 20230.  
   Dated: February 9, 1988. 
John J. Da Ponte, Jr., 
   Executive Secretary.   
[FR Doc. 88-3469 Filed 2-17-88; 8:45 am]