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                             DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE 
                           Foreign-Trade Zones Board 
                                [Order No. 417] 
                                   54 FR 649 
                                January 9, 1989 
   Withdrawal of Application and Temporary Extension, Subzone 50A, Toyota 
Plant, Long Beach, CA 
TEXT: Pursuant to its authority under the Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) Act of
June 18, 1934, as amended (19 U.S.C. 81a-81u), and the FTZ Board (the Board)
Regulations (15 CFR Part 400), the Board adopts the following order:  
   Whereas, on July 14, 1983, the Board authorized the Board of Harbor 
Commissioners of the City of Long Beach (BHC), grantee of FTZ 50, to 
establish Subzone 50A for the truck cargo body manufacturing plant of Toyota
Auto Body, Inc., of California (Toyota) (formerly, Toyota Motor 
Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc.) in Long Beach, California, for a period of 
five years (to 7/14/88), subject to extension (Board Order 213, 48 FR 
   Whereas, BHC made application to the Board in April 1988 (FTZ Docket 
21-88, filed 4/18/88, 53 FR 16178) for an indefinite extension of the 
authority of Subzone 50A; 
   Whereas, the authorization was temporarily extended to December 31, 1988
(Board Order 390, 53 FR 27542), to allow the Board to complete its review;  
   Whereas, on November 30, 1988, the applicant withdrew its application 
for an indefinite extension, due to changed circumstances, and requested a 
90-day period in which to conclude zone status at the plant. 
   Now, therefore, the Board hereby orders: 
   That the authority for Subzone 50A is extended to April 1, 1989, to 
permit a winding up to operations conducted under zone procedures, and 
that FTZ Board Docket 21-88 is closed. 
   Signed at Washington, DC, this 29th day of December, 1988.  
Jan W. Mares, 
   Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Import Administration, Chairman, 
Committee of Alternates Foreign-Trade Zones Board. 
John J. Da Ponte, Jr., 
   Executive Secretary.   
[FR Doc. 89-307 Filed 1-6-89; 8:45 am]