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                           DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE

    			Foreign-Trade Zones Board

                           (Docket A(32b1)-2-93)

    Foreign-Trade Subzone 133A--Maytag Refrigerator Plant Galesburg, IL;
                  for Removal of Restriction (Compressors)

                           Friday, June 18, 1993

A request has been submitted to the Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ) Board pursuant 
to 400.32(b)(1) of the Board's regulations for removal of a restriction 
relating to the use of compressors in manufacturing activity within Subzone 
133A located at the Maytag Corporation plant in Galesburg, Illinois. It was 
formally filed on June 4, 1993. The FTZ Board approved subzone status for 
the Maytag refrigerator/freezer manufacturing plant in Galesburg, Illinois, 
in 1989 (Subzone 133A; Board Order 448; 54 FR 47246; 11/13/89), subject to a 
restriction that required Maytag to elect privileged foreign status on 
refrigeration compressors admitted to the subzone. After reviewing a request 
from Maytag made in 1990 for a temporary suspension of the restriction based 
on changed circumstances, the Board authorized a suspension until December 
31, 1993 (Board Order 485; 55 FR 37341; 9/11/90). There was no opposition 
to the request and the Board concluded that there was no indication of 
adverse effects, but the time limit was adopted because this was the first 
such activity involving compressors. Since 1990, there have been other
operations of this nature authorized without time restrictions. Maytag is 
now requesting that the restriction be permanently removed. This would 
allow Maytag to continue to choose the duty rate that applies to finished 
refrigerators/freezers (2.9%). The duty rate for compressors (HTSUS 
8414.30) is 3.4 percent. The request indicates that the full use of zone 
procedures would continue to help the plant maintain its international 

Public comment on the proposal is invited from interested parties.
Submissions (original and 3 copies) shall be addressed to the Board's
Executive Secretary at the address below. The closing period for their
receipt is August 2, 1993.

A copy of the application and accompanying exhibits will be available for
public inspection at the following location: 
Office of the Executive Secretary, Foreign-Trade Zones Board, 
U.S. Department of Commerce, room 3716, 
14th & Pennsylvania Avenue NW., 
Washington, DC 20230.
Dated: June 11, 1993.

John J. Da Ponte, Jr.,

Executive Secretary.

(FR Doc. 93-14451 Filed 6-17-93; 8:45 am)