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[Federal Register: January 3, 1994]


[Order No. 668]

Star Enterprise (Oil Refinery), Port Arthur, TX; Grant of
Authority for Subzone Status

    Pursuant to its authority under the Foreign-Trade Zones Act of
June 18, 1934, as amended (19 U.S.C. 81a-81u), the Foreign-Trade
Zones Board (the Board) adopts the following Order:

    Whereas, by an Act of Congress approved June 18, 1934, an Act ``To
provide for the establishment * * * of foreign-trade zones in ports of
entry of the United States, to expedite and encourage foreign commerce,
and for other purposes,'' as amended (19 U.S.C. 81a-81u) (the Act), the
Foreign-Trade Zones Board (the Board) is authorized to grant to
qualified corporations the privilege of establishing foreign-trade
zones in or adjacent to U.S. Customs ports of entry;
    Whereas, the Board's regulations (15 CFR Part 400) provide for the
establishment of special-purpose subzones when existing zone facilities
cannot serve the specific use involved;
    Whereas, an application from the Foreign-Trade Zone of Southeast
Texas, grantee of Foreign-Trade Zone 116, for authority to establish a
special-purpose subzone for the refinery facilities of Star Enterprise,
in Jefferson and Hardin Counties (Port Arthur area), Texas, was filed
by the Board on March 21, 1991, and notice inviting public comment was
given in the Federal Register (FTZ Docket 17-91, 56 FR 13799, 4-4-91);
    Whereas, the Board has found that the requirements of the Act and
Board's regulations would be satisfied, and that approval of the
application would be in the public interest if approval is subject to
the conditions listed below;
    Now, therefore, the Board hereby authorizes the establishment of a
subzone (Subzone 116A) at the Star Enterprise refinery facilities in
Jefferson and Hardin Counties (Port Arthur area), Texas, at the
location described in the application, subject to the FTZ Act and the
Board's regulations, including Sec. 400.28, and subject to the
following conditions:
    1. Foreign crude oil or products used as fuel for the refinery
shall be dutiable.
    2. Star shall elect privileged foreign status on foreign crude oil
and other foreign products admitted to the subzone, except as indicated
    3. Star may elect nonprivileged foreign status with respect to
foreign crude oil that is associated with sulfur by-product that
results from the refining process, based on an appropriate allocation
method to be determined by Customs. This initial approval is limited to
a period of three years beginning from the date of activation, subject
to extension.

    Signed at Washington, DC, this 21st day of December 1993.
Barbara R. Stafford,
Acting Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Import Administration,
Chairman, Committee of Alternates, Foreign-Trade Zones Board.
John J. Da Ponte, Jr.,
Executive Secretary.
[FR Doc. 93-32075 Filed 12-30-93; 8:45 am]