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FOREIGN-TRADE ZONES BOARD ORDER NO. 38 Uniform System of Accounts, Records, and Reports for use by Foreign-Trade Zone Grantees
Pursuant to authority contained in the Foreign-Trade Zones Act of June 18, 1934, as amended (48 Stat. 998-1002a; 19 USC 81a-81u), the Foreign-Trade Zones Board has adopted the following order which is promulgated for the information and guidance of all concerned: Whereas, on February 6, 1939, the Foreign-Trade Zones Board issued Order No. 5 (Sec. 400.1002a, 4 FR 542), relating to a Uniform System of Accounts, Records, and Reports, to be maintained by Foreign-Trade Zone Grantees. Part "B" of said Uniform System of Accounts, Records, and Reports (FTZ Form 15) sets out the statistical information which some grantees are required to incorporate in their annual reports. Upon consideration, the Board finds that changed circumstances have given rise to duplication and unnecessary expense in the reporting of some of the statistical information heretofore published in these annual reports. Now, therefore, it is ordered, That the Executive Director of Foreign-Trade Zone Operations, may, from time to time, upon appropriate notice, modify the requirements as set forth in Part "B" of the Uniform System of Accounts, Records, and Reports for the annual reports of the Zone Grantees as necessary to eliminate duplication of information separately required for Customs purpose and so as to minimize the cost of complying with such requirements. It is found that that compliance with the notice, public rule making procedure, and effective date requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act (5 USC 1003) is unnecessary in connection with the issuance of this order, because its application is restricted to foreign-trade zone operators, and is of a nature that it imposes no burden on the parties of interest. The effective date of this order is, therefore, upon publication in the Federal Register. Signed at Washington, DC, this 16th day of February 1955. Foreign-Trade Zones Board Sinclair Weeks Secretary of Commerce, Chairman and Executive Officer, Foreign-Trade Zones Board Attest: Joseph M. Marrone