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F o r e i g n - T r a d e   Z o n e s :   75   Y e a r s   o f   H i s t o r y  

The Early Years 1934-1953

June 18, 1934 The FTZ Act is enacted to "expedite and encourage" international trade.

June 29, 1935 Board Order No. 1 is signed by the Secretary of Commerce, establishing regulations for the FTZ Board.

July 18, 1935 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs an executive order directing government agencies to cooperate with the FTZ Board.

Jan. 29, 1936
The FTZ Board adopts the seal:

FTZ logo
(Meaning of the Seal)

After considering alternatives:

Options for the creation of a seal for the FTZ Board (Click the image to enlarge)

Jan. 30, 1936 FTZ 1 (New York) established.

June 17, 1950 The FTZ Act is amended to allow manufacturing in zones.

March 24, 1953 First subzone is established on a temporary basis at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California (FTZ 3) for exhibition of foreign merchandise.