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What is the application process?

  1. Pre-Docketing. A pre-docketing copy of a complete application must be submitted. The original and paper copy of the application should only be submitted when the FTZ Staff analyst has notified you that the application is sufficient.
  2. Docketing. When an application is docketed by the FTZ Staff, a notice is published in the Federal Register for public comment on the proposal. The public comment period usually lasts 60 days (40 days for subzones).
  3. Review. During this period the application is being reviewed by an analyst on the FTZ staff.
  4. Interagency Clearance. Once the analyst completes their review and recommendation, the application is sent to CBP headquarters and the Department of the Treasury for review. If there is concurrence with the recommendation, the application will be returned to the Department of Commerce for final review by the Board member or designee who has the authority to sign the Board Order. The Board Order is then published in the Federal Register.

For more information see the Application Page and the Standard Application Process Diagram.