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C o u r t T i t l e
CAFC 94-1477 Goodman Manufacturing, LP v US
CAFC 95-1390 CITGO Petroleum Corp & Lake Charles Harbor & Terminal District v US FTZ Board
CAFC 95-1405 Arbor Foods, Inc. v US
CAFC 97-1207 Miami Free Zone Corp v FTZ Board   (PDF)
CAFC 00-1135 BMW Manufacturing Corp v US

R e m a n d   D e t e r m i n a t i o n s
C a s e T i t l e
90-06-00289 Conoco Inc et al. v. United States
92-06-00394 Phibro Energy, Inc. v. Ronald H. Brown
93-06-00324 Miami Free Zone Corporation v. United States

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S u b j e c t:   Tax Exemption Conference Report

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