C a s e s   W i t h  O p e n   P u b l i c   C o m m e n t   P e r i o d s

Below is a list of cases with open public comment periods. Click here to access the Online FTZ Information System (OFIS) for additional information on each application. In OFIS, choose the "Federal Register Notices" option in the left hand menu.

Docket No. Description Location Comment Period Closing Date

S-44-2018 FTZ 98, Brose Tuscaloosa, Inc., Subzone Vance, AL April 23, 2018
S-45-2018 FTZ 138, International Converter, Inc., Subzone Caldwell, OH April 23, 2018
S-43-2018 FTZ 61, Manuel Freije Arce, Inc., Subzone Catano, PR April 23, 2018
B-17-2018 FTZ 21, AGRU America Charleston, LLC, Production Notification North Charleston, SC April 23, 2018
B-16-2018 SZ 61N, Janssen Ortho LLC, Production Notification Gurabo, PR April 23, 2018
B-12-2018 FTZ 135, ASF Reorganization Palm Beach, FL April 23, 2018
B-15-2018 SZ 38A, BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC, Production Notification Spartanburg, SC April 17, 2018
B-14-2018 FTZ 158, International Converter, Production Notification Iuka, MS April 11, 2018
B-13-2018 FTZ 138, International Converter, Production Notification Caldwell, OH April 11, 2018
S-39-2018 FTZ 78, CEVA Freight LLC, Subzone Mount Juliet and Lebanon, TN April 11, 2018
B-9-2018 FTZ 31, ASF Reorganization Granite City, IL April 10, 2018
S-35-2018 SZ 231A, Medline Industries, Inc., Subzone Expansion Manteca, CA April 9, 2018
B-6-2018 FTZ 81, ASF Reorganization Portsmouth, NH April 3, 2018
B-5-2018 FTZ 179, ASF Reorganization Madawaska, ME April 2, 2018
B-4-2018 FTZ 105, ASF Reorganization Providence, RI April 2, 2018
S-29-2018 FTZ 102, Orgill, Inc., Subzone Sikeston, MO March 26, 2018
S-25-2018 FTZ 76, SDI USA, LLC, Subzone Meriden, CT March 26, 2018
B-11-2018 SZ 23E, Panasonic Eco Solutions Solar New York America, Production Notification Buffalo, NY March 26, 2018
B-7-2018 SZ 49J, Movado Group, Inc., Production Notification Moonachie, NJ March 26, 2018
B-8-2018 FTZ 134, Volkswagen Group of America--Chattanooga Operations, LLC, Production Notification Chattanooga, TN March 24, 2018
S-23-2018 FTZ 44, Distrilogik US Ltd., Subzone Dayton, NJ March 20, 2018

This list of open comment periods on pending FTZ Board cases is provided as a courtesy. The individual notices available through the Federal Register -- accessible via http://www.gpoaccess.gov/fr/ -- will continue to be the documents of record in this regard, and will still be available in the Federal Register on the morning they are published. This list will be kept as up-to-date as possible but a small lag time (a day to two, potentially) may occur between the time a notice is published in the Federal Register and its appearance on this list. However, all open comment periods should be listed here well in advance of their end dates.

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