List of Zones that are Not Permitted to Undertake FTZ Operations
(May 24, 2017)

The FTZ Board’s regulations (at 15 CFR 400.41(b)) require the grantee of a zone to submit to the FTZ Board a “zone schedule” (15 CFR 400.44) – establishing the policies, procedures and fees (as applicable) for the zone – prior to the operation of any site or subzone of that zone. The FTZ Board has no record of the zones listed below having submitted a zone schedule and, therefore, those zones are not permitted to undertake FTZ operations pursuant to 15 CFR 400.41(b). If you have any questions or believe that a zone is mistakenly included on this list, please contact the FTZ Staff.

Zone Number Location
156 Weslaco, TX
180 Miami (Wynwood), FL
195 Fairbanks, AK
242 Boundary County, ID