U.S. Exports of Select Downstream Steel Products
F.A.S. Export Value in Thousands of US Dollars
Same Table - Metric Tons

Same Table - Average Unit Value

Product Month
  OCT17 NOV17 DEC17 JAN18
Cold-formed Shapes . $2.900 . .
Non-Butt Weld Fittings & Flanges $13.10 $20.61 $159.5 $17.41
Steel springs $15.39 . $9.434 .

SOURCE: US Department of Commerce, Enforcement and Compliance
Table last modified on: March 8, 2018, with
Census data collected through January 2018
Data listed in order of descending volume exported during the last THREE months reported
Quantities not available for 'Steel wire cloth, net & fence' and 'Steel wire garment hangers'
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